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10 Christian Documentaries to Consider Watching

I’m not a huge fan of movies. I’d much rather spend my free time reading or with family and friends. And although I’m not a huge TV guy, I enjoy watching documentaries. There are plenty of good Christian documentaries available to watch, and below you’ll


A Bible Reading Guide for New Believers

If you were to put together a Bible reading guide for new believers, what would you include? We have already discussed the best book of the Bible for new believers. In that post, I point you to a book of the Bible that would be


How to Ask Better Questions

How do we become better question-askers? Good question-asking begins with a genuine desire to know the other person and a love-fueled curiosity that stokes our creativity. At the same time, some of us need practical guidance to help jumpstart that creativity, especially when we’re out


What to Discuss in a Church Membership Class

You might call it a class or a course or a track. But what should you discuss with a prospective church member? This is something I’ve been thinking about more since taking over part of the church membership process at my church. Below you’ll find


5 Responsibilities of Every Church Member

Church membership is not optional. It is a must for every Christian to find, join, and submit oneself to a local church. But once you do join a church, what are your responsibilities? In his book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (I have the