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A Bible Reading Guide for New Believers

If you were to put together a Bible reading guide for new believers, what would you include? We have already discussed the best book of the Bible for new believers. In that post, I point you to a book of the Bible that would be


How to Ask Better Questions

How do we become better question-askers? Good question-asking begins with a genuine desire to know the other person and a love-fueled curiosity that stokes our creativity. At the same time, some of us need practical guidance to help jumpstart that creativity, especially when we’re out


What to Discuss in a Church Membership Class

You might call it a class or a course or a track. But what should you discuss with a prospective church member? This is something I’ve been thinking about more since taking over part of the church membership process at my church. Below you’ll find


5 Responsibilities of Every Church Member

Church membership is not optional. It is a must for every Christian to find, join, and submit oneself to a local church. But once you do join a church, what are your responsibilities? In his book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (I have the


How to Land Employment in the Local Church: A Brief Overview

Introduction: Set the Proper Foundation Don’t reinvent yourself; re-identify with Christ. Culture celebrates becoming whoever you want to be. This reinventing, however, is often done in an idolatrous way. God gives us major life transitions not for personal reinvention but rather to re-identify with who