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Good Works Are Less Complicated Than You Think

If you want to make an evangelical nervous, mention the concept of good works. But speaking of good works should feel life-giving. Protestant Christians rightly recognize that God’s people are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, but that faith — as


Total Depravity: A Brief Orientation

We are on a quest for identity. Marketers who prey on the weak know this, and they sell us their products and services through this idea: you are not at your best yet; buy my product, and you will be. At least until we convince you that


How to Start to Read the Bible

If you want to know how to start to read the Bible, the best advice is this: just start. Open your Bible and start reading. Often, it is better to start reading your Bible and eventually tweak your system than it is to perfect a


7 C.S. Lewis Books I Supremely Admire (From a C.S. Lewis Scholar)

The supreme septet I’m writing about is not the seven-volume series of Narnia Chronicles, but rather seven titles by C.S. Lewis that I supremely admire. Seven is the number of perfection, and a “supreme septet” makes a welcome change, I trust, from yet another trundle


You Never Finish a Sermon

While driving in our SUV on a Saturday morning, my wife asked, “How’s your sermon coming along?” I was set to preach the next Lord’s Day. “It’s about 95% done,” I said, although I spent a better part of 10 hours or so working on