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A Call to Contentment Releases Today

My first published book, "A Call to Contentment: Pursuing Godly Satisfaction in a Restless World," is now available!
Can Christians Buy Expensive Things?
A couple of years ago, I started reading more books on personal finance. I didn’t plan to. It sort of just happened. With two kids, I want to be as financially faithful as I can and learn from a wide range of sources. Money provides options, such as purchasing expensive items. Is it biblically permissible for Christians to buy expensive things? 
What is hell like?
I don’t particularly like writing or thinking about hell. It’s been said if you preach on hell, you should do so with a tear in your eye. The topic of hell must be treated with biblical fidelity but also with compassion for neighbor. Nevertheless, we regularly need biblical resources on hell since there are constant attacks to undermine it.

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