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My Top 10 Books of 2021

It’s time once again to share my top ten favorite books of the year. Putting this list together is always fun and hard. It’s fun because I love to read and recommend books; it’s hard because I only get to pick ten, and it’s not


5 Christian Books on Thankfulness and Gratitude

I’m preaching the Thanksgiving Eve sermon at our church for the third year in a row. What a tremendous privilege. In order to prepare my heart to write this sermon, I read a Christian book on thankfulness. As I surveyed the potential books to purchase,


Give Them God: What the Church Really Has to Offer

I’m a pastor. I often think about what I have to offer people who come through our church doors. I want to win lost souls for Christ and see the converted increasingly become more like the Savior. This is the desire of every pastor and


Busyness is Not the Root Problem

I love books. I’m constantly reading multiple books at a time and on the lookout for more. I’m not only interested in books, but the kinds of books publishers are being willing to publish. I’m looking for themes: What’s resonating with people and why? As


Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The literal expression “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” never once appears in the Bible, although the phrase “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” appears six times. This phrase is sometimes referred to as a “second blessing,” although that language is found nowhere in Paul’s writings. Curiously,