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Mark Driscoll on 6 Reasons Why God Created Sex For Marriage

Why God created sex — this is an interesting question, isn’t it?

Well, let’s have some fun and try to answer it.

Here’s at least 6 reasons:


1. It’s fun.

  • It’s OK to have fun with sex in a marriage.
  • The Song of Solomon is not an allegory. It’s about a relationship between a husband and a wife.
  • The women speaks first and speaks frankly.
  • Children are never mentioned in that book. It’s just about fun, free sex between a husband and a wife.
  • Pleasure is a gift from God.

2. It’s for making children.

  • In Genesis, God says be fruitful and multiply. How are they going to do that? Sex.
  • Some of you were told that sex is only for making babies. Not true. It’s for both pleasure and babies.

3. Oneness.

  • In the act of sex, a man and a women become one flesh.
  • Biophysics has caught up with the Bible. When a man and a woman are together in a sex act, a chemical reaction happens in a human brain that has the same effect as heroin—which is very addictive. This means a man and a women, when together become connected on a deep level.
  • This is why you can’t have casual sex. It doesn’t exist.
  • This is why you get addicted to porn.
  • Even men who frequent prostitutes frequent the same one over and over and over. They are physically connected to them.
  • If you’re into your spouse and your spouse is into you by the grace of God, you will become into them and physically connected to them, desiring them. You will become one flesh, one family, one bed to glorify the one God.
  • God built our bodies to connect with our spouse during sex.
  • When we connect with anything else, it leads to death. But we can repent and be made clean and connect with our spouse.

4. Sex is for knowing.

  • Sex creates intimacy and knowing someone.
  • When you are married and Christians you are able to know each other more than anyone else. Why? It’s intimacy.

5. Protection.

  • God created sex within marriage, and it should be free and frequent. Doing so helps to protect both partners from sexual sin.
  • Bible-believing, Christian, married couples have the most sex.
  • There’s no excuse for adultery, but I know couples and pastors who haven’t had sex in decades. When you’re together regularly, it helps to safeguard your marriage by having sex regularly.

6. Comfort.

  • You don’t see this in porn.
  • Sharing your body with your spouse is a comfort that is deeper than words.
  • Sometimes just being with your spouse is a gift, especially in hard times.
  • Years ago, we had friends that miscarried a child. The wife told the husband she wanted to go away for a few days to make love, cry, hold each other, pray, lay together in bed, and be intimate. For them, sex was a gift of comfort.

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*Note: This entire blog post was written by Mark Driscoll, not me. I just picked it up on my blog.

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