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Small Children’s Catechism

If you have children, going through the Small Children’s Catechism with them gives them good theology practice at a young age. You can find the Catechism below.

1. Who made you? God

2. What else did God make? God made all things.

3. Why did God make all things? For His own glory.

4. Why do things work as they do? God has so decreed it.

5. How do we learn about God? God reveals Himself.

6. Where does God reveal Himself? In His word and in nature.

7. What does God reveal in nature? His character, law, and wrath.

8. What more is revealed in His Word? God’s mercy toward His people.

9. Where is God’s Word today? The Bible is God’s Word.

10. How many Gods are there? There is one true God.

11. How many persons are in the Godhead? Three.

12. Who are these persons? Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

13. Where is God? He is everywhere.

14. How long has God existed? He has always been.

15. How is man unique? He bears God’s image.

16. Who was the first man? Adam.

17. What was Adam like at creation? He was good.

18. Did Adam remain good? No, he sinned.

19. What is sin? Disobedience to God’s law.

20. What is the penalty for sin? Death.

21. What came of Adam’s sin? Death came to all men.

22. Why did Adam’s sin affect all men? We all sinned in Adam.

23. Must all men die for sin? No, God elected some to life.

24. How may we be saved from sin and death? Only through Jesus Christ.

25. Who is Jesus Christ? He is God’s Son.

26. Did Jesus ever sin? No, only He is righteous.

27. What did Jesus do for His people? He conquered death.

28. How did He do this? He died, then rose again.

29. What else did Christ conquer? All his enemies.

30. Are His enemies powerful? They have come to nothing.

31. What did He give to His people? His own righteousness.

32. What did He take from His people? Their sin.

33. How is Christ’s work brought to His people? By the Holy Spirit.

34. What does the Holy Spirit do? He gives faith.

35. What is faith? Resting on Christ for salvation.

36. How do we recognize true faith? It yields good works.

37. Who are Christ’s people? They make up His church.

38. What are the traits of His church? The Word, discipline, and sacraments.

39. How is the Word a trait of His church? All God’s Word is preached.

40. How is discipline a trait of His church? God’s people are protected.

41. What are sacraments? Signs and seals of God’s covenant.

42. What sacraments are there? Baptism and the Lord’s supper.

43. Who is Head of the Church? Jesus Christ.

44. What offices has Christ appointed? Overseers and deacons.

45. Is His Church perfect? It is being perfected.

46. When will it be perfect? At the resurrection.

47. What happens at the resurrection? Christ judges all men’s deeds.

48. What of those He deems righteous? They dwell with Him forever.

49. What of those He condemns? They perish forever.

50. How does this judgment affect Christ? It magnifies His glory.

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