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10 Christian Dating Tips From Bryan Mowrey

When God makes you wait for something, it’s not his way of depriving you, but rather his means of changing you. This is helpful in the area of Christian dating and singleness.


Recently on Twitter, pastor Bryan Mowrey posted what I thought were 10 helpful tips on dating. Instead of awkwardly retweeting all of them, I compiled them in this blog post and you can read them below.

1. Make Jesus your main love. The spousal love of Jesus is the only love that completely satisfies & has no end!

2. Seek the Kingdom more than a spouse. See Matthew 6:33. God knows what you need & it’s on the Kingdom path that we find Kingdom spouses.

3. Trust & rely on good friends who love you & Jesus. They are a gift from God.

4. Invite to church & pray for an unbeliever but do not date them. Gods ways > your ways. 2 Cor 6:14

5. Finding the “right person” is a myth & not the key to happiness. Focus more on being Mr. and Mrs. Right than finding Mr. and Mrs. Right

6. Gentlemen, be realistic. Don’t expect you will find a supermodel who knows Greek & Hebrew. Why would she want you anyway?

7. Ladies, don’t settle. Pastors all over the globe are on the chase to attract men to churches & disciple them into godliness.

8. Don’t be jealous when someone else gets married. Bitterness is very unattractive. Practice Rom 12:15

9. Being single is just as much a gift as being married. Don’t despise it or waste it. 1 Cor 7:7

10. Don’t over think getting coffee with the opposite sex. A proposal isn’t a prerequisite to having a latte.

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