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Tim Keller on Why Premarital Sex is So Destructive

Let’s talk about sex. Before marriage.

Why is it so destructive?

In this two-minute video, Tim Keller explains why premarital sex is destructive: “Sex is a way of saying to another person, ‘I belong completely, exclusively, and permanently to you. And that’s something you can only say inside marriage.”

Whether you’re single or married, you’ll appreciate Keller’s wise words.

Watch the video here:

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4 Replies

  1. Great, short, and to the point. I like it.

    1. Agreed. For being so brilliant, Keller has a way of being very succinct, which makes him easy to listen to.

  2. theancients

    I revere the advice of Dr. Ravi Zacharias: “before you cross any boundaries, stop long enough and ask yourself why they were put up in the first place.”

    What is sacred? – God is and so are His laws.

    1. Those are helpful words. Zacharias always has good stuff to say.