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The #1 Biggest Takeaway from Tim Wolfe’s Resignation

I live in Missouri. I also love the University of Missouri. So when news broke out this week that Tim Wolfe resigned as the President of Missouri amid criticism of handling racial tensions, I was all eyes and ears.

Question becomes: What can you learn from this situation?

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Well, a lot. But a lot of this stuff you already knew.

You know racism still exists.

You know there’s power in protests.

You know that people can be biased and close-minded.

You know that some people are quick to speak and slow to listen.

Yes, you’ve heard those things a thousand times.

But when I reflect on the resignation, as I read the social media updates, as I examine my own heart, I’m convinced one of the biggest lessons you can takeaway from Tim Wolfe’s resignation is this: The things that you don’t do matter just as much as the things that you do.

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What did Wolfe do to warrant a strike? Well, nothing.

And that’s exactly why some people wanted him gone. It’s not so much of what he did. It’s what he didn’t do. He didn’t act, lead, and create a remedy in a time of need … and some people had enough.

But no need to throw salt on an open wound. If you’re open-minded, you’ll appreciate Wolfe’s resignation speech. He was thoughtful, winsome, humble, and didn’t blame anyone but himself. “I take full responsibility for this frustration,” said Wolfe. “And I take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred.”

What about you?

Have you considered that the things you’re not doing could be hurting people?

You don’t cheat on your spouse … But you don’t love them like you should.

You didn’t skip church … but you didn’t pay attention when you got there.

You showed up to work … but spent some of your time vegged out on social media.

The wrong things you do, say, and think can hurt others — it really can. But even more so, the wrong things you don’t do, say, and think can hurt others all-the-more.

There’s many lessons to be learned. Some bigger, some smaller. And I’m not better than anyone. All I’m trying to say is that what you don’t do matters, and it’s unlikely that you’ll hear this from the media. As Martin Luther once said, “You’re not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.”

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