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The Christian Reader’s Resource Guide: 49 Links To Help You Find The Best Books

Ever been there before?

You get about halfway through a book and realize it’s not worth your time. But not only time, you also spent money and energy that you’ll never get back.

“What was I thinking?” you lament.

You wonder why you even bought the book.

The Ultimate Christian Reader's Resource Guide

This kind of stuff happens all-the-time to Christians. 

I’m convinced that many would-be Christian readers aren’t reading simply because they don’t know where to start. But who can you blame? With so many books available, these days, it’s hard to decide what to read, and most importantly, what not to read.

So what do you do?

The Christian Reader’s Resource Guide

I’ve searched various sites and I’ve come up with the list below to help you find a good book on essentially any topic of interest for Christians. This list is by no means exhaustive, and I don’t necessarily agree with every book from every list. Still, this is a decent place to start.

So … for those of you wondering what you should read next, here’s 49 links to help you find the best books.

    1. David Murray ranks his top 10 books from over 20+ categories.
    2. Tim Challies recommends his top picks from over 30+ categories.
    3. You can find tons of great Christian books from several different topics right here.
    4. Christians in business will appreciate Michael Hyatt’s 37 best business books ever.
    5. One church staff recommends these books for Christmas time.
    6. The pastoral interns at Kevin DeYoung’s former church have to read the 10 books listed here.
    7. Here are the 7 best theology books for beginners.
    8. Here’s the top 10 best books on Christian apologetics for beginners.
    9. Here are some recommended books on pastoral ministry.
    10. You can find the top 10 best books from several topics here.
    11. Here’s 10 great Christian biographies.
    12. Check out some of the books that I’m reading (along with a blurb on the book) here.
    13. Get most of John Piper’s books for free  (PDF version).
    14. Here are 8 works of fiction to consider reading.
    15. Here’s 11 Books Every Christian in College Should Read
    16. View Reformed Theological Seminary’s reading list here.
    17. Here’s 17 resources on same-sex attraction.
    18. Learn how to read 500 books a year like D.A Carson.
    19. One blogger names his top 100 Christians books ever written.
    20. Here’s a good summer reading list.
    21. Worship leaders will enjoy reading the top 10 books on worship.
    22. Here’s Trevin Wax’s top 15 books on worship.
    23. Tim Keller’s life was impacted after reading these 5 books during college.
    24. The Reformed Forum has a suggested reading list in three different levels.
    25. 10 books ever new Calvinist should read from Ligonier Ministries.
    26. The folks at Desiring God recommend over 100+ books here.
    27. Reformed Books dot net recommends these books.
    28. Here are the 5 best books on fighting sexual sin.
    29. Check out The Village Church’s book recommendations.
    30. Here are 30 books every Christian should read before turning 30.
    31. A list of Matt Chandler’s favorite books of all-time.
    32. Here are the top 20 best books I read in seminary.
    33. Read a bunch of FREE eBooks form Monergism.
    34. Read book reviews from TGC or Tim Challies. 
    35. Great books from 9Marks on the church.
    36. Crossway names 10 helpful books for Church leaders.
    37. 20 book recommendations for pastors from Practical Shepherding.
    38. Or check out 5 Non-Ministry books every Minister should read.
    39. Tim Keller recommends 9 books on culture.
    40. Here’s where you can find all the best commentaries.
    41. Get a bunch of awesome Bible study tools from logos.
    42. The best books on homosexuality. 
    43. Christianity Today’s annual list of best books of the year.
    44. Desiring God’s top book of the year for the past decade is here.
    45. 50 Books J.I. Packer thinks you should read
    46. Reformation 21 recommends Reformed books here. 
    47. And don’t forget to read these 10 books on prayer
    48. The 250+ best resources on Seminary
    49. Here’s the best Christian books for women


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