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25 Quick Prayer Tips and Reminders to Help Your Prayer Life

Want some quick prayer tips?

I’m here to help. Below, in no particular order, are 25 quick prayer tips and reminders that will help your prayer life.

Prayer tips

25 Quick Prayer Tips and Reminders

1. Prayer is not just an invitation, but a command.

2. Not every “impression” and “feeling” and “interrupted thought” during prayer is God speaking to you.

3. Reading books on prayer is great, but they won’t help much if you don’t actually pray.

4. There’s no such thing as an “unanswered prayer.” God answers every prayer with yes, no, or later.

5. Private prayer is not enough. Attend your church’s prayer meeting, prayer with people in your small group, etc.

6. Public prayer is not enough. Pray in private.

7. To start prayer with praise is commendable, but not a pre-requisite. Sometimes, life is too hard, and you can start with tears or screams or whatever is on your heart.

8. Listen to trusted Christian friends when they pray and learn from them.

9. Prayer while driving is helpful, but can be a distraction. Set up a place and time for intimacy.

10. Don’t pray, “Lord, please bless this food as nourishment to my body” if you’re eating pizza and french fries for dinner.

11. Never become so holy that you outgrow your need to pray the Lord’s Prayer.

12. Pray for wisdom – about everything (James 1:5). This will change your life.

13. When people ask you to pray for them, pray for them right then and there, on the spot, if you can.

14. There’s no better way to start the day than in prayer.

15. There’s no better way to end the day than in prayer.

16. Feelings can’t be trusted. This is especially true during prayer.

17. As Tim Keller mentions in his book on prayer, meditate on Scripture before prayer as a bridge into prayer.

18. Prayer doesn’t have to start with praise, but it should end there.

19. If you don’t pray regularly in private, you might hear about Christian joy, but you won’t experience it.

20. Don’t beat yourself up if you skip your devotional prayer here and there.

21. Don’t try to impress God in prayer. You can’t fool him, anyway.

22. Tell God all of your feelings when you’re frustrated. Don’t worry: he can handle it.

23. Consider using the PrayerMate app.

24. Don’t let anyone pick on you for using lists, note cards, or apps. Some of us are wired this way.

25. Prayer tips help because your prayers matter. As John Piper says, “Prayer causes things to happen that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pray.”

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