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How to Find The Best Christian Articles Online

Many Christian articles are published every day. It’s not worth your time to search and read every article. But you don’t want to miss out on the gems — the good stuff, the best stuff. And in order to find the very best of the best, you need a strategy.

Today, I’d like to give you mine.

But don’t worry: it’s super easy.

What do I do?

Here’s the main gist: I visit other websites that curate articles for me (so I don’t have to) and read the ones that interest me. That’s it.

In order to help you find Christian articles worth reading, I’d recommend the following sites and segments:

1) A La Carte from Tim Challies 

Tim Challies posts 5-8 articles daily (with a weekend version), to go along with kindle deals, that might be of interest to Christians — or are just flat-out interesting — in a segment he calls A La Carte. This is my #1 source for finding content.

A La Carte

Here’s how Challies describes his process: “My criteria for A La Carte is simple: I look for stuff that I find interesting. Every day I comb through a long list of blogs and other web sites; I scan through Twitter to see what others are talking about; I rummage through lists of hundreds of marked-down Kindle books to see if I can find one or two that I can recommend; I find a thought-provoking quote to cap it all off.”

Click Here to visit A La Carte

2) #RightNow from The Gospel Coalition 

You’ve heard of The Gospel Coalition, I am sure, probably because of Tim Keller or because you’re Reformed or whatever. No doubt: TGC is a mega-site filled with much awesomeness. But don’t miss out on the #RightNow feature, a collection of the most pressing articles in the Christian blogosphere at the very moment (see read arrow below).


Click here to visit #RightNow

3) Check Out from David Murray 

Dr. David Murray — pastor, professor, author — has a version on his site called, “Check Out,” which, well, is pretty self-explanatory: he thinks you should check out the articles he lists. And you should. Murray does an excellent job of curating articles that pertain to all aspects of the Christian life: head, heart, and hands. Don’t miss out on this goodness.

Check out

Click here to visit Check Out

4) Links I Like from Aaron Armstrong 

Aaron Armstrong posts relevant articles regularly in a segment called “Links I Like.” In this version, you can find content for Christian readers, thinkers, and theologians alike.

Links I Like

Click here to visit Links I Like

This, I think, is the fastest way to find (the best) articles in the Christian blogosphere.

But then, of course, there’s a few other routes.

RSS, Email, and Social Media

While the above mentioned sites have the best stuff, the lists are not exhaustive. If you want more — or broader — use RSS, email, and social media:

RSS. You can follow hundreds of blogs via RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Obviously, you won’t read every article. But you can ensure you’re following the many sites you want to scan (Here’s 190 blogs to follow, and here’s how to use RSS).

Email. Pick your favorite websites and get content via email so you don’t miss a post. Any more than 5-10 sites and your inbox will be cluttered. Choose wisely.

Social Media. You and I are addicted, yes. To be sure, the major stuff always gets published on social media, but if this is your only source of content reading, you’ll miss out on many gems.

Well, this is my strategy. It may or may not work for you, but give it a shot. Of course, nothing is more important than Bible reading and reading good Christian books. But in God’s Providence, technology has made a way to provide gospel-centered resources available almost every hour on the clock. Don’t miss out. Hopefully this strategy will help.

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