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Why I Love Reading Books on Kindle (and maybe you would too)

Do you read books on Kindle? If not, I think you should give it a try.

My dad bought me a Kindle when I graduated undergraduate school several years ago. I used it once or twice, then never touched it again. I disliked it, and read books exclusively in printed form. But . . . things have changed.

Why I Love Reading Book on Kindle

The more I reflect on why I disliked my Kindle, the more I realized it was mostly because I didn’t know how to operate it well. I gave up too quickly. So, I decided to give it another shot. I bought a Kindle a while back and have read and bought multiple books on it since. I’m happy to report that I rather enjoy it.


Here’s a few reasons why I enjoy reading books on Kindle (and maybe you would too):

1. Retention

The number one reason why I enjoy reading on Kindle is because of it’s superior ability to help me retain information.

The best way to incorporate this is with Kindle and Evernote. Every time you “highlight” something when you read, you can save it into Evernote. That way you don’t have to flip through pages and pages to try to find what you highlighted, and you can have the notes with you everywhere you go. (To learn how to incorporate Kindle and Evernote, read this post from Tim Challies).

2. Price

While this is not always the case, books on Kindle are (typically) the cheapest option. There’s Kindle deals every week and you can often buy books at half the price. If you’re an avid reader and plan on regularly reading books for the rest of your life, why not aim to save money?

3. Accessibility

With Kindle, you can have thousands of books at your disposal. All in one place. You can take books on flights, in your book bag, on your way to class — everywhere. It’s a portable library where you can access a book in a second.

4. Space

My house is small, and I don’t have room for multiple book shelves. So I currently have tons of books on the floor, on tables, on desks — everywhere. It’s a mess (I’m not married yet, so I can get away with it). If I would’ve just bought all my books on Kindle, I could have all of them on my device, and it would hardly take up any room.

5. Free books

Kindle deals are nothing short of amazing. But not only are prices often cheaper than printed books, you can also find hundreds and hundreds of books for free.

6. Speed

Finally, I also find that I’m able to read significantly faster on Kindle than with printed books. Why? I can’t quite figure that out, but I just do. And I don’t have to worry about forgetting what I read because of point number one. So I get to read faster and retain what I read?

Sign me up, please.

No, I’m not reading exclusively with Kindle. I love buying and reading printed books and always will. There’s pros and cons to both sides. All I’m saying is that reading with Kindle has been both effective and efficient for me and flat out enjoyable. I enjoy it, and if you consider the points above and give it a try, I think you would too.


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