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5 Books That Influenced Tim Keller During College

A few months ago, Tim Keller posted on his Facebook page a few books that influenced him during college. I quickly made note of the books (along with Keller’s comments) in hopes of being able to view the list at a later time. After reading through the short list, I thought it may be helpful to post for other Christians who are always on the lookout for new books to read.

Tim Keller books

In no particular order, here are five books that influenced Tim Keller during college:

1. Basic Christianity (IVP Classics) by John Stott

“Going to list some quick Facebook posts of very important basic Christian books in my life when I was in college. Today we begin with “Basic Christianity” by John Stott which I read in college.”

2. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.

“It simply put the life of a Christian in terms I could understand.”

3. The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog by James W. Sire

“The Universe Next Door was very helpful listing many of the ‘isms’ that are all around us. I highly recommend.”

4. Knowing God by J.I. Packer

“It helped give me terms and concepts to know and understand all the aspects and attributes of God.”

5. The Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics by C.S. Lewis

“C.S. Lewis was very important to my development in college as well. Among others, Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters, The Problem of Pain, the Great Divorce, the Weight of Glory, and the Abolition of Man all plainly put basic Christian concepts.”

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