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My Favorite Christian Podcasts (That Aren’t Sermons)

Looking for some good Christian podcasts?

I love listening to sermons. Some preachers I enjoy listening to are Bryan Chapell, Tim Keller, and John Piper, among others. But sermons aren’t the only thing I listen to when I listen to podcasts. Other than sermons, which Christian podcasts do I also enjoy listening to?

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My Favorite Christian Podcasts (That Aren’t Sermons)

This post might as well be “podcasts for ministry leaders.” This will excite some of you, but bore the rest of you. I do listen to secular podcasts as well. But that’s not what this post is. Below you can find a list of Christian podcasts that I currently like most right now.

[callout]Note: I use Castro for listening to podcasts (not an affiliate link) and I love it. Not cheap, but worth the price.[/callout]

Pastors’ Talk

Probably my favorite podcast to listen to in this season is Pastors’ Talk with Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman. Like many podcasts, this is an interview format where, usually, Jonathan will ask Mark questions on issues relevant to and related to pastoral ministry and the church. In particular, this podcast is for pastors and ministry leaders. I appreciate Dever’s straightforward, realistic advice about the highs and lows of ministry. The ministry of 9Marks has been fruitful for a long time and they continue to produce great content with resources like this one. Highly recommend this for ministry leaders.

Listen to Pastor’s Talk.

Ask Pastor John

On this podcast, most days, you can listen to John Piper speaking biblically about solicited questions from listeners. Tony Reinke asks them. Piper answers them. They make for a great combination. No thrills, no gimmicks, and no flash. Just well thought out answers to questions the church is asking. I particularly appreciate Piper’s boldness in being willing to speak out about difficult, theological and cultural issues. He knows he’s going to catch flack for some of his responses, but he boldly answers the tough questions anyway in an effort to bring clarity to tough questions for the church. I love that about Piper, even if I occasionally disagree with his answers. A great podcast not just for ministry leaders, but for all Christians.

Listen to Ask Pastor John.

[special]Note: The Ask Pastor John podcast is now on YouTube if you’re interested.[/special]

The Gospel Coalition

Hosted by The Gospel Coalition, you can find an array of different things on this podcast: talks from TGC conferences and seminars, round-table discussions with Christian leaders, interviews with thought-leaders on hot topics, and so on. TGC also does a good job of creating content that is culturally relevant and biblically accessible. I don’t listen to every episode, but I appreciate the ones that I have listened to. Probably the strongest aspect of the podcast is TGC’s ability to get the right voices to talk about hot topic issues. That’s the power of leverage.

Listen to The Gospel Coalition’s Podcast.

Pastor Well with Hershael York

Pastor Well is a podcast that has interviews with pastors, teachers, and leaders. York is an excellent interviewer. I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes, but I like what I’ve heard so far. Definitely a source of encouragement to my soul.

Listen to Pastor Well. 

The Crossway Podcast

One of my favorite Christian publishing companies now has a podcast. And it is great. Again, this is one of those interview format podcasts.

Listen to The Crossway Podcast.

Practical Shepherding: Trench Talk

Again, another podcast on pastoral ministry. As the name of the title suggests, this podcast is filled with practical points on the practice of pastoring. I appreciate how these episodes are short and sweet.

Listen to Trench Talk. 

One of the best times to listen to podcasts is on your way to work. So seize your commute by listening to good ones. I’m grateful for all of you content creators who use avenues like podcasting to bless the church. This is truly a blessing. We should seek to steward our time and technological use wisely, and one way to redeem the time is by listening to good podcasts.

Other Christian Podcasts That Aren’t Sermons

The list above should give you a few Christian podcasts worth listening to, especially if you’re a ministry leader. While the ones mentioned above are currently my favorite, I’ll add a few more below that may interest you:

Am I Called – This is a podcast with Dave Harvey. It’s usually an interview format in which he interviews Christian leaders, often about pastoral ministry.

Churches Planting Churches – This is the Acts 29 podcast, with helpful episodes on church life, especially church planting.

For the Church Podcast – A resource out of Midwestern Seminary.

On Preaching with H.B Charles Jr– A podcast for preachers.


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