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My Top 10 Posts of 2019

Thanks for reading the blog this year. Below are the top ten most popular posts published in 2019.

1. The Best Book of the Bible for New Believers

The answer is — the Gospel of Mark.

2. D. A. Carson on a Profane Activity During Sunday Worship

Extremely convicting and eye-opening words from D. A. Carson on a common activity that happens in many churches.

3. John Stott’s Daily Prayer

A routine prayer from John Stott. This is definitely a prayer to consider adding to your regular list of prayers.

4. 7 Best Theology Books for Beginners

For those who are interested in studying theology, here are seven books to get you started.

5. 10 Christian Books to Look Out for in 2019

Posted back in January, these are some of the books I noted that were worth keeping on your radar this year.

6. Seminary Books: A Complete List of Required Reading for my MDiv Studies

A long list of books!

7. 30 Books Every Christian Should Read Before Turning 30

I turned 30 in 2019. Praise God. Here are some of the books that have most influenced my life so far.

8. The Chief Distinguishing Mark of a False Prophet

As I studied this passage for a sermon, I noticed one thing that I think characterizes what false prophets are about, which is not advocating the narrow road on the path of Christian discipleship.

9. 4 Ways to Grow in Self-Control

Self-control is crucial for personal godliness. Here are four ways to grow.

10. Top 20 Best Books I Read in Seminary

Of all the books I was required to read during seminary, these were my favorite.

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