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10 Christian Books to Look Out for in 2020

Which Christian books should you read in 2020? In this post, I’ve put together a list of books for you to consider reading this year. Although you may not be able to read every book in 2020, they are books for you to keep on your radar as the year goes by.

Note: You will find more Christian book lists at the end of this post.

Christian books 2020

10 Christian Books to Look Out for in 2020

1. Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History by Tim Challies

This work looks fascinating. Tim Challies traveled around the world to survey thirty-three objects to help Christians better understand the Christian faith. The fruit of his labor is this book along with a DVD that is set to release in March. This is a unique idea that looks to provide a distinct contribution to the study of church history.

2. I Still Do: Growing Closer and Stronger through Life’s Defining Moments by Dave Harvey

Harvey is no stranger to writing about Christian marriage since he’s already authored one book on marriage entitled When Sinners Say “I Do”. Married for over 30 years, Harvey now aims to show married couples how their marriage can last. This book is worth a look for those who are married, especially those who have been married for a while.

3. Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully in a World of Difference by Tim Keller and John D. Inazu

With contributions from Lecrae, Tish Harrison Warren, and others, this book seeks to answer this question: “How can Christians today interact with those around them in a way that shows respect to those whose beliefs are radically different but that also remains faithful to the gospel?” If this question interests you, check out this book.

(Side note: Even though “10” made the title, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a forthcoming How to Find God 3-Book Boxed Set from Tim Keller releasing later this year).

4. Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women by Elyse Fitzpatrick

All humans are created in the image of God with equal value, dignity, and worth. It’s always important to remember that. Fitzpatrick, in this book, opens the Bible to show you what the Bible says about women. I’m sure this book will be an encouragement for Christian women.

5. Seven More Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Mexataxas

Now one for the men. This book is the sequel to Seven Men. I always love reading about what sparked influential people from the past. This book will do that for men like Martin Luther, George Whitfield, Billy Graham, and more.

6. Living for God: A Short Introduction to the Christian Faith by Mark Jones

Mark Jones examines various theological topics and shows how these topics ought to have a direct impact on how we live. After all, theology should not just be read, but lived.

7. What the Bible Says about How to Know God’s Will: “Factors to Consider in Making Ethical Decisions” by Wayne Grudem

Most Christians, at one time or another, painfully struggle with a potentially life-altering decision. But it doesn’t have to be just the big decisions — it’s the little decisions that we need guidance for, too. Here is a book that helps us to better understand God’s will along the way.

8. Say It!: Celebrating Expository Preaching in the African American Tradition edited by Eric C. Redmond

I’m always on the hunt for good books on preaching, and this one draws lessons on preaching from the African-American tradition. An intriguing contribution to the field of homiletics.

9. Fight Your Fears: Trusting God’s Character and Promises When You Are Afraid by Kristin Wetherell

We all struggle with fears, we all get afraid. This book seeks to help us navigate these hardships when they strike.

10. Exploring the Bible Together: A 52-Week Family Worship Plan by David Murray

You likely agree that family devotions are important, but you also may agree that they can be tough to implement into family rhythms. This book gives you a week-by-week plan on how to add those devotions into your home. Parents will want to give this one a look.

Well, I hope you enjoyed checking out these Christian books set to release in 2020. Below are some more book lists for you to consider.

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