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The Sermon on Prayer That May Alter Your Year

In response to a sermon on prayer (links below) preached by Terry Virgo over a decade ago, John Piper posted, “I have just watched a sermon on prayer by Terry Virgo that will alter my year. I recommend it.” John Piper is careful about his choice of words, so if he uses this kind of language, then you know it’s a good sermon. I recently watched the sermon and I am also happy to endorse it.

sermon on prayer


The links (Part 1 and Part 2) to the sermon are below. But before we get to the sermon, here are some quick highlights.

  • Virgo does a responsible job of speaking on prayer in light of God’s sovereignty.
  • There are many poignant and powerful metaphors used to help you better understand prayer.
  • I really appreciate the practical tip to have a pen and paper handy when you pray. In case you get distracted while praying, you can quickly jot down any thoughts and simply return to praying.
  • The mention of having a specific place to pray is helpful.
  • It was fascinating for me to hear about how Virgo had the opportunity to speak with the great D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones after hearing him preach.
  • Virgo has a great grasp of the Fatherly nature of God, and how God delights when his people come to him in prayer like a child.
  • Like Jesus, it’s important to withdraw from obligations to pray.
  • He shares an illustration of seeing Saturn through a telescope. If memory serves me correctly, I was at that conference with him and can picture this scene in my head. That was a sweet memory for me.
  • Put plainly, this sermon on prayer makes you want to pray. I suspect this is the biggest test of any content on prayer. This sermon passes easily.

Elijah Prays for Rain: A Sermon on Prayer by Terry Virgo

Virgo is charismatic in his theology and uses some language that may make some Reformed Christians a bit uncomfortable, but I don’t think your differences with him on your theological convictions (if you have them) should prevent you from learning from him.

Also, don’t let the fact that this is an older sermon make you somehow think it’s irrelevant. Although preaching styles may change over the years, the truth never changes.

The link that Piper posted above takes you to Vimeo, but I have chosen the same exact sermon from YouTube instead.

You can watch the sermon below.

Part 1

Part 2


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