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Which Christian books should you consider reading in 2022?

Christian books 2022

For the past few years beginning in January, I’ve put together a list of Christian books set to release that particular year for you to consider reading. I’m doing that again this year. Below you’ll find the books. Although there are many other noteworthy Christian books to consider besides the ones you find below, and although you may not be able to read every book in 2022, these are Christian books that I noticed that seem interesting to me and might also seem interesting to you.

10 Christian Books to Look Out for in 2022

In no particular order:

1. The Conviction to Lead: 27 Principles for Leadership That Matters by Al Mohler

This is the second edition of this book. Mohler is a widely recognized leader, making him a suitable candidate to write a book on Christian leadership. Leaders will want to give this one a look.

2. Track: Gaming: A Student’s Guide to Gaming by Reagan Rose

The passing of John Madden recently led me to think of the times I played Madden football in high school. I played organized football all throughout high school and I loved playing NCAA College Football and Madden on my PlayStation. And then in college, I was known to rock it out on some Guitar Hero! My video game days are long gone, but I’m glad Rose has written a distinctly Christian book on this subject.

3. Theology for Ministry: How Doctrine Affects Pastoral Life and Practice edited by William R. Edwards, John C.A. Ferguson, and Chad Van Dixhoorn

Theology is not an abstract study meant for academic elites only. Theology, instead, is applicable to all of life, and this book seeks to show how it is applicable to pastoral life in particular.

4. Talking about Race: Gospel Hope for Hard Conversations by Isaac Adams

This book is endorsed by the likes of Mark Dever, J.D. Greear, Rebecca McLaughlin, and others. Talking about race in a wise fruitful manner is important as we continue to traverse these turbulent waters of the 21st Century. Adams seeks to show us how to talk about race in a biblical and helpful manner.

5. God, Technology, and the Christian Life by Tony Reinke

Reinke is a talented writer who continues to make contributions to the intersection of Christian faith and technology. We need all the good books we can get on this subject.

6. How to Thrive as a Pastor’s Wife: Practical Tools to Embrace Your Influence and Navigate Your Unique Role by Christine Hoover

My wife is a pastor’s wife, so I have a bent toward books like these. Pastors wives can feel isolated, making resources like these a safe space to feel seen and heard.

7. Daily Grace: 365 Daily Devotions Reflecting God’s Unlimited Grace by Bryan Chapell

Bryan Chappell is an author of a book on preaching, prayer, marriage, and other topics, and now he tackles a 365 day devotional. If you are looking for a devotional, this is one to consider checking out.

8. Terms of Service: The Real Cost of Social Media by Chris Martin

I have sort of gotten away from posting on social media. I don’t think I posted anything on my personal Twitter account in 2021. But sometimes I wonder if I have swung too far in the other direction. Or maybe I haven’t? Social media has obvious dangers, but it can be used constructively. We need a nuanced, balanced, and biblical book on using social media wisely, and that’s what this book looks like to me.

9. We Go On: Finding Purpose in All of Life’s Sorrows and Joys by John Onwuchekwa

This is a book about finding purpose in life and how that purpose corresponds to all that we do.

10. Cultural Counterfeits: Confronting 5 Empty Promises of Our Age and How We Were Made for So Much More by Jen Oshman

Our age continues to tell us lies and seek to lead us astray. Oshman encourages women to reject the lies of culture and find true satisfaction in Jesus.

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