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I’m thrilled to announce I’ve signed my first book contract! I signed a contract with Christian Focus to write a Christian living book on contentment. I’m making good progress on the book, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Working title: “A Call to Contentment: Rediscovering the Best Possible State of Inner Well-Being for Your Soul.”

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Why a Book on Contentment?

So why am I writing a book on Christian contentment?

There are probably more reasons than I realize, but a few come to mind. In a previous ministry context, I preached a sermon on contentment for a Thanksgiving eve service. The sermon response was extremely positive, more so than usual. I was asked to preach the Thanksgiving Eve service the following year and once again chose contentment as my topic since contentment and thanksgiving are closely related. And again, the response was positive. The feedback received in the local church confirmed a book on contentment was not only viable but needed.

There are more reasons. I’m genuinely interested in the topic. When I read the Bible passages on contentment, I pay extra attention. Something in me leaps. I’ve always been interested in the topic, and long thought that a book on the subject could serve the church well. When I tell friends I’m writing a book on contentment, they tell me in their own words that this is a timely message for our cultural moment. I think they’re right.

And then there’s my own heart. I’m not naturally a content person. I know the sin of discontentment well, and doing a deep study on the subject has been good for my heart.

I hope this book edifies the church as I seek to help Christians understand and grow in contentment.

How You Can Help

Thank you to the regular readers of this site. Your readership and encouragement mean a great deal to me. If you’d like to help, here are two ways you can do so:

  • Prayer. Please keep me in your prayers as I write the book. And please pray the Lord will use the book to edify the church.
  • Take a survey. I’ve created a survey for those who are interested in providing feedback. It shouldn’t take much time (there are only three questions). I’m going to read every word. If you want to potentially play a part in shaping the book, please click here and take the contentment book survey.

I suspect I’ll have more to say later, but praying for me and taking the survey are good starters. I’ll do my best to provide updates along the way.

Thank you, seriously, for being a part of this journey.

Christian Focus

Christian Focus is located in Scotland. Here’s a quick video to give you a sense of their mission.