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A Collected List of Tributes to Tim Keller

As you’ve likely heard by now, the Lord called Tim Keller home on Friday, May 19th. I feel both sad and grateful. Keller had a profound impact on me. But I’m not the only one. After the news of Keller’s death, many posted tributes to Keller on social media and through blog format. For your edification, I’ve compiled some of them, which you’ll find below.

A collected list of tributes to Tim Keller
I believe this post is the source of this photo.

Jake Meador: Thread on Twitter

If you only have time for one, pick this: “After about three days of this, I was feeling very low. Then near the end of the work day I logged into my email and saw an email from ‘Timothy J Keller’ and froze. Not sure I’ve ever been more petrified to open an email.”

D.A. Carson: Don Carson Pays Tribute to Tim Keller 

“Simply put, Tim loved and cherished his wife, and everyone knew it. They grew closer across the decades, and never more so than when Tim began to slide into his final illness. I am surely not the only one to whom Tim confided that during that illness, he and Kathy wept together more than they ever had and never loved each other more.”

Collin Hansen: I Met My Hero, Tim Keller

“I never heard Tim Keller speak a cross word about anyone else. Maybe that’s what you should expect from someone who spoke so many words about the cross” 

Tony Reinke: Back and Forth Exchange with Tim 

“Personal offense was never going to be a hangup for Tim Keller with truth at stake. A snapshot of the man we lost today, and the man I aspire to be.”

Michael Kruger: My Tribute to Tim Keller

In sum, there are five words that mark the legacy of Tim Keller: genuine, strategic, persuasive, orthodox and winsome. Sure, these aren’t all the words that could be used to describe his ministry. I am sure there are many more. But they are five worthy words that should mark anyone’s ministry. And they are five words that I hope to strive towards in my own.” 

Ray Ortlund: I Thank God for Tim Keller

Tim Keller is the first of the Christian giants of my generation whom we have lost. This is sobering. How much time do you and I have left for serving the cause of Christ? However long or short it might be for me, I know this: the statement my life makes will be truer to Christ because he gave me the privilege of being influenced by Tim Keller.”

Trevin Wax: Tim Keller Into the Sunset (1950-2023) 

“This morning Tim Keller died after a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer. It feels a bit like a great light has slipped beyond the horizon. It’s a sunset that has long been coming, and yet it still feels strangely sudden.”

Desiring God: Death Can Only Make Me Better: Remembering Tim Keller (1950-2023) 

I want to play for you a sermon clip that comes to my mind on this day, celebrating his life, knowing he has passed into the presence of God and into God’s incredible, unspeakable joy that the rest of us are left longing for. Here’s Tim Keller, in 2013, answering this question: Where do we find courage for life’s scariest moments?” 

David Platt: David Platt Reflects on Tim Keller’s Influence on His Life

“As I grieve the loss of my brother in Christ, who now rejoices with our Savior after battling pancreatic cancer for three years, I praise God for his life, for his influence on the church and on countless people far from Christ, and for the effect of his life on mine.” 

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