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A Call to Contentment Releases Today

Today’s the day! I’m happy to announce that my first published book, A Call to Contentment: Pursuing Godly Satisfaction in a Restless World, is now available! It’s a book on how to find contentment in a fallen world. You’ll learn about what contentment is, how to grow in contentment, and how it applies to areas of your life such as money and possessions, success and work, as well as pain and suffering. I hope the book is a blessing to you. 

A Call to Contentment

Now Available



I was honored to receive endorsements from the following people:

It must have been providential that I was asked to write a blurb for this book. It must have been providential that the book came to my inbox while I was stranded for days on a little island far from home. It must have been providential that at the time I would most be tempted to grumble and complain about my circumstances, I had already set aside the time to read it. But certainly it was the right book at the right time. And I’m quite certain it will prove to be the same for you.
Tim Challies
Author of Seasons of Sorrow

The Apostle Paul declares that contentment must be learned(Phil. 4:12), and David Kaywood’s book has much to teach us about this rare jewel that is worth learning about. In our restless world we need to find rest in the One who alone can satisfy. I was encouraged by this book to do just that. I recommend it.
Bill Kynes
Retired pastor and Council member, The Gospel Coalition;
Senior Fellow for Pastoral Theology at the C.S. Lewis Institute

Most Christians see the way our culture has refashioned certain sins into virtues. We notice, for example, when old words like sexual immorality become seen as virtuous self-expression. But have we noticed the shift with discontentment? Rise and grind, we’re told. Never be satisfied. Have at least one side hustle, maybe two. I’m thankful David Kaywood not only sounds the alarm in A Call to Contentment, but he also offers a way out of our frothy mess of anxiety into the calm of godly satisfaction.
Benjamin Vrbicek
Pastor, Community Evangelical Free Church; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; managing editor for Gospel-Centered Discipleship

We have so much, but we still struggle to feel content. The solution isn’t more; it’s to discover and apply what Scripture teaches. That’s why I’m grateful for this book by David Kaywood. It’s biblical, insightful, and practical. My copy is full of highlights to review and apply; I’m sure yours will be too. It’s such a helpful book on a topic that really matters for God’s glory and the good of our souls.
Darryl Dash
Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Don Mills, Toronto;
author of How to Grow and Eight Habits for Growth

Convicting and practical! A Call to Contentment shines the light of Scripture on our generation’s besetting sin, exposing the many ways we become ensnared by discontentment and helping readers to understand, apply, and cultivate that sweet and precious attitude of Christ-honoring contentment regardless of life circumstances.
Reagan Rose
Founder of Redeeming Productivity

Paperback and Kindle

The book is currently available in paperback and Kindle

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