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Hi, I’m David Kaywood. And this is my personal blog.

I’m a Christian, husband, father, and writer. I serve as the Senior Associate Pastor of Eastside Community Church in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m the author of A Call to Contentment: Pursuing Godly Satisfaction in a Restless World (Christian Focus, 2024). I’m also a Master of Divinity graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary. 

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Tim Challies’ Top 10 Individual Bloggers of 2018 

In 2018, Tim Challies named me as one of his top 10 individual bloggers of 2018. Challies writes, “David works hard, writes consistently, and puts out some helpful material. I especially appreciate when he focuses on recommending good material.” You can find this quote and the list here.


I first started blogging in late 2011. The intent was to reach unbelievers for the gospel, and the original name of the blog was Stuff That’s Relevant.

Over time, however, I noticed most of my readers were believers, and hungry for more gospel-centered content. So I changed the name to Gospel Relevance, and haven’t looked back since. The mission of this blog is simple: To give you the best gospel-centered resources for your gospel-driven life.


Broadly speaking, as a person who has trusted in Christ, my theological convictions fall under the following categories:

  • Evangelical
  • Protestant
  • Reformed
  • Complementarian
  • Credobaptist


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