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What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is fully God, distinct from God the Father and God the Son. It is inappropriate to refer to the Holy Spirit as an “it” as if he is some impersonal force. No, he is


10 Christian Documentaries to Consider Watching

I’m not a huge fan of movies. I’d much rather spend my free time reading or with family and friends. And although I’m not a huge TV guy, I enjoy watching documentaries. There are plenty of good Christian documentaries available to watch, and below you’ll


How to Ask Better Questions

How do we become better question-askers? Good question-asking begins with a genuine desire to know the other person and a love-fueled curiosity that stokes our creativity. At the same time, some of us need practical guidance to help jumpstart that creativity, especially when we’re out


Don’t Believe Your Own Press

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with a widely recognized theologian at a conference. He left an impression on me with his words. After his lecture, me and some friends approached him to strike up a conversation. Our conversation was mostly surface level, mixed


How to Teach Your Kids the Ten Commandments

Although my ministry primarily sees that I work with adults, I recently had the opportunity to teach a one-hour class on the ten commandments to young teenagers. I provided a handout and back and forth commentary on the subject. Below you will find part of