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How Theological Labels Are Helpful and Unhelpful

Everybody has theological convictions. And when we want to express those convictions, we often do so by labeling ourselves. By “labeling” I mean when you associate with a particular doctrine in self-referential terms. This is when you say, “I’m Reformed. I’m a credobaptist. I’m a


The Blessing of Weariness

I like to pair seemingly contradictory words to reveal how these words do not contradict one another, but complement one another. My paradoxical method includes using the word “blessing” and then coupling it with an experience or feeling that we typically do not associate as


Godlier Than Last Year

I used to hate the month of January. I’m not a fan of cold weather, so I would say that January and February are the worst two months of the year. If I can just get to March, then I’ll be happy again, I told


5 Factors That Shape Your Identity

Do you know what’s shaping your identity? It’s hard to go long when speaking in a Christian context and not hear the word “identity.” It’s more than a buzzword in evangelical circles. It’s become one of the most commonly used words when speaking on discipleship


The Blessing of Criticism

Criticism is an unavoidable part of being a leader. As it’s been said by others, the more influence you obtain, the more criticism you must endure. It can sting to be criticized but, paradoxically, it’s not always a bad thing. In fact, criticism is a