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Work That Makes a Difference: An Interview With Dan Doriani

Dr. Dan Doriani, a Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary, a council member for the Gospel Coalition, and a former senior pastor of a large church, is also the author of two books on work. Doriani’s first volume on the subject,


John Piper’s Regrets in Ministry

I love watching or reading interviews with Christian leaders. Interviews give us an opportunity to learn real and raw information about someone, often because the one being interviewed is caught off guard. Who you truly are is revealed when you are surprised. Sometimes I re-watch


An Interview on Blogging

Are you a young writer? Let me introduce you to The Young Writer’s Workshop — a monthly membership site packed full of writers under 30. Co-founded by Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe, YWW, as they call it, exists to help young writers grow in the


Practicing the Power: An Interview with Sam Storms

In 2009, Time Magazine labeled the “New Calvinism” as one of the top 10 ideas changing the world. While always up for debate, one of the distinctions of the New Calvinism is the emphasis on continuationism — the belief that the miraculous gifts of the


An Interview with Christian George on Charles Spurgeon

I skim through over 100 blogs a week and one of my new favorites is The Spurgeon Center. Founded by Dr. Christian George, the site is dedicated to promoting the “life, legacy, and library of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.” Today, George stops by the site to