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How I Would Conduct Premarital Counseling for a Christian Couple

A while back I had to write a paper describing how I would conduct a premarital counseling program for an engaged couple. You can find a modified version of the paper below. It was an interesting exercise, although it was a bit abstract. It must


Martin Luther’s Marriage Changed the Western World

Thursday, October 31st marks the 502nd anniversary of Reformation Day. The Christian blogosphere and social media accounts will be packed with references about Martin Luther and his involvement in the Reformation. I’m glad this will happen. But I want to take a different direction. I


Your Marriage is More Important Than Your Wedding Day

I recently heard of a wedding in which it was estimated that the couple spent over $200,000 on their big day. They spent over $20,000 on flowers. Included for the big day was an expensive dress for the bride, made by a professional fashion designer.


Some Practical Christian Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

It was the fall of 2008. I’d met a girl and I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She was everything I desired in a wife. I decided that I wanted to marry her… before we’d even gone on our first date. Now, don’t


Mark Driscoll on 6 Reasons Why God Created Sex For Marriage


Why God created sex — this is an interesting question, isn’t it? Well, let’s have some fun and try to answer it. Here’s at least 6 reasons: 1. It’s fun. It’s OK to have fun with sex in a marriage. The Song of Solomon is