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One Simple Method for Praying the Bible

It’s easiest to get into a conversation when someone speaks to us first. God speaks to us in His Word; and if we pray with an open Bible, we don’t need to think of words to pray to Him. We can simply respond to what


The Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s prayer is foundational teaching on prayer in the Bible. It is a prayer that has been prayed both privately as well as in corporate worship for thousands of years. The Lord’s prayer is often said in unison at our church and provides a


The Sermon on Prayer That May Alter Your Year

In response to a sermon on prayer (links below) preached by Terry Virgo over a decade ago, John Piper posted, “I have just watched a sermon on prayer by Terry Virgo that will alter my year. I recommend it.” John Piper is careful about his


Christian, Jesus is Praying for You

The High Priestly Prayer, the prayer from Jesus in John 17, is a majestic prayer where we learn that Jesus prays for himself (v. 1-5), his disciples (v. 6-19), and his future disciples (v. 20-26). It’s the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in the Bible.


How to Pray vs. How Not to Pray

Is there a wrong way to pray? Of course. You can pray to the wrong gods, in the wrong places, for the wrong reasons. This is one of the reasons why Jesus taught his disciples the difference between right and wrong praying. The context is