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How to Pray Theology Into Your Life (And Why This Matters)

Theology shouldn’t just be read. It should also be prayed. When you study theology, you study God, and this information goes to your mind. This is good. But it’s not enough. If you read theology, you may increase in information, but without prayer and meditation,


25 Quick Prayer Tips and Reminders to Help Your Prayer Life

Want some quick prayer tips? I’m here to help. Below, in no particular order, are 25 quick prayer tips and reminders that will help your prayer life. 25 Quick Prayer Tips and Reminders 1. Prayer is not just an invitation, but a command. 2. Not


John Calvin’s 5 Rules for Right Prayer

Looking to learn from John Calvin on prayer? You came to the right place. Many books, sermons, and conferences are dedicated to prayer every year. The reason is simple: most Christians (including me) need a lot of help in this area. You know some Bible


Tim Keller’s 5 Steps For Effective Prayer

Looking for 5 steps of prayer or some sort of method to pray better? Sometimes there’s no steps. We’re too desperate. We’re hurting, anxious, and worried. Fearful, even. So we don’t think of steps. We just run to God as our Abba Father and cry,