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8 Pieces of Advice for Single Christians from Tim Keller

I was surprised yet delighted to see an entire chapter dedicated to Christian singleness in Tim and Kathy Keller’s excellent book on marriage. In a section entitled “Some Practical Counsel for Marriage Seekers,” Keller provides lots of helpful tidbits for singles. I’ve listed the counsel below


5 Lies Every Single Christian Believes

I got engaged earlier this month. I surprised Denise on vacation in Florida with a ring and the question and she said “yes.” We’re months away from our wedding day, and we’re both overflowing with joy. The Proverb is true: “A desire fulfilled is sweet


9 Diagnostic Questions Every Single Christian Should Ask

I was in conversation with a friend recently who said that contentment is a good sign for Christian singles. She’s right. It’s a good sign, and one that’s found out from asking the right questions. In fact, there’s several diagnostic questions to ask that’ll tell


6 Truths About Singleness You Won’t Hear in Church

Singleness in the church — is it easy? I love the church. I enjoy serving, worshipping, and being with God’s people week-in and week-out, through the ups and downs, amid the highs and lows. There’s nothing like it. But something struck me the other day:


11 Things Every Single Christian Should Know

So, you’re single and sometimes wish you weren’t. You desire marriage, kids, and a family. You believe God has placed this desire on your heart, but for some reason, it hasn’t happened yet. Like one Psalmist, you keep asking, “How long, O Lord?” (Psalm 13:1).