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Why We Get Overwhelmed

It sounds like the beginning of a painfully obvious question, but I want to ask it anyway: Why do you get overwhelmed? I’ve been thinking more about this as my responsibilities have grown over the past year. It’s encouraging to know that an overwhelming season


Your Tears Are Not in Vain

Last week, I wrote about how I became a daddy. I have a son now and I’m in full swing on the dad life. I love it and I love to see him happy. But I hate to see him cry. Call me a newbie,


May It Not Be Charged Against Them!

Excuse me for starting an article with an exclamation point. I don’t usually do that, but today I want to make an exception. After all, the title of this article is directly pulled from one of my favorite sentences from the Apostle Paul. The reference


John Calvin’s Joy in Suffering

“There is nothing in afflictions which ought to disturb our joy,” proclaimed John Calvin. The fact that John Calvin said these words might not surprise you. But what you may not know is that Calvin suffered from chronic asthma, migraine headaches, pleurisy, kidney stones, hemorrhoids,


5 Encouraging John Calvin Quotes for Weary Christians

What are some encouraging John Calvin quotes? In his famous book Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin dedicates two whole chapters on the doctrine of God’s providence. And in this article, I’d like to encourage you with some of those words. Why providence? R.C. Sproul says,