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Do We Have Free Will?

Do we have free will? Well, sorta, kinda, not really. Actually, it depends. The question about free will is not a new one. Christians have discussed this for years. As opposed to me writing about free will, I’d like to point you to Wayne Grudem


4 Things God Cannot Do

What are some things God cannot do? “Nothing is impossible for God,” is a common expression used by Christians for all sorts of situations. The idea is that because our God is so big and powerful and wonderful and beautiful, nothing is impossible for him.


Is The Old Testament Still Relevant Today?

Is the Old Testament relevant today? Why should I read the Old Testament if I’m in New Covenant? Do all of those rules even matter to me? These are questions that Christians sometimes ask of the Old Testament. You might read the Old Testament and


Why Every Christian Should Care About Theology

Over the years, one of the most disheartening things I’ve realized is how few Christians care about the deep things of God. We tend to think that theology is only for pastors and leaders. But this isn’t true. God has graciously revealed himself through his


3 Common Misconceptions of Calvinism

Calvinism.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that term? If you’re not Reformed, you probably think of predestination or John Calvin. Or maybe you think of close-minded Christians or a cruel God or whatever. As a Reformed Christian myself, I’m