Why You Should Read More Biographies

Why You Should Read More Biographies
In recent years, however, I’ve made an intentional effort to read more biographies, and now I’m hooked! In fact, I’ve come to believe that good biographies are essential for every library, and I regret not reading more of them when I was younger. Here’s why.
Books Blurbs (January - April 2022)
Book Blurbs is a segment on the blog where I list books I’m reading along with a brief blurb about each book. The aim is to help you identify new authors and potential books of interest. Maybe I didn’t read every word of every page, but I read enough to mention them. I don’t list every book I read.
Cultural Literacy for the Sake of Cultural Agency
On most days, church members are bombarded by subconscious advertising and comparison traps viewed both online and in real life. Christians are being catechized and conditioned by culture to various lies on money, beauty, freedom, sexuality, and more. So the task of the Christian leader is to understand how these lies are affecting God's people, and how to interpret these lies in light of Scripture and doctrine.

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