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7 Things God Hates

God is love, but love is not God. When we speak of the God of the Bible, we must draw references from Scripture. If we don’t, we’ll be tempted to craft an idol of what we think the divine should be like. God must hate


The Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s prayer is foundational teaching on prayer in the Bible. It is a prayer that has been prayed both privately as well as in corporate worship for thousands of years. The Lord’s prayer is often said in unison at our church and provides a


Progressive Christians: Where and How They Differ with Jesus

Spending time at a theologically liberal Christian University with many progressive Christians was immensely helpful in my understanding “the other side” of the theological spectrum. In today’s social media age, it is far too easy to miss the humanity of the person on the other


The Sermon on Prayer That May Alter Your Year

In response to a sermon on prayer (links below) preached by Terry Virgo over a decade ago, John Piper posted, “I have just watched a sermon on prayer by Terry Virgo that will alter my year. I recommend it.” John Piper is careful about his


Best Commentaries on John: A Pastor’s Perspective

I (along with our co-pastor) just finished preaching through the Gospel of John. As I prepared my sermons, there were many helpful commentaries on John that blessed me, many of which I list below. My primary aim is for those preaching through John’s Gospel, but