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Daddy’s at Work, Not Church 

I believe I got the idea from R. Kent Hughes. Whenever I’m getting ready to go to a ministry function in the evening or whenever I’m leaving the door to head to our building to preach, we tell our kiddo: “daddy’s going to work.” We


Resources for Sermon Preparation

I preach about 50% of the sermons at my church. It’s difficult to preach as often as I do without helps. Although living in the 21st Century has many disadvantages, one upside is the plethora of tools we have to empower Christian growth. For pastors,


How Theological Labels Are Helpful and Unhelpful

Everybody has theological convictions. And when we want to express those convictions, we often do so by labeling ourselves. By “labeling” I mean when you associate with a particular doctrine in self-referential terms. This is when you say, “I’m Reformed. I’m a credobaptist. I’m a


The Difference Between Historical Election and Eternal Election

Sometimes a person will give evidence of saving faith in Jesus Christ only to abandon the faith altogether a decade later. These situations are perplexing. In the theological realm, the conversations quickly shift toward apostasy and whether or not one can lose his or her


Christian, Jesus is Praying for You

The High Priestly Prayer, the prayer from Jesus in John 17, is a majestic prayer where we learn that Jesus prays for himself (v. 1-5), his disciples (v. 6-19), and his future disciples (v. 20-26). It’s the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in the Bible.