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Inspired Questions: A New Approach to Small-Group Discussions

Note: This guest contribution by Brian J. Wright draws from Brian’s new 365-day devotional book, Inspired Questions: A Year’s Journey Through the New Testament (Christian Focus, 2019). Preparing a good small-group discussion is no easy or speedy task, especially if attendance varies and people are


Jesus is King: Thoughts on Kanye’s Conversion to Christ

I’ve followed Kanye’s music for years. I’ve also been following Jesus for some years, too. As a lifelong hip-hop fan and follower of Jesus, the news that Kanye West has come to saving faith in Jesus Christ brought me much joy. As I listened to


How to Pray vs. How Not to Pray

Is there a wrong way to pray? Of course. You can pray to the wrong gods, in the wrong places, for the wrong reasons. This is one of the reasons why Jesus taught his disciples the difference between right and wrong praying. The context is


The Lord is My Shepherd: What Does this Mean?

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” This Bible verse from Psalm 23:1 is one of the most famous Bible verses in all of Scripture. This is a verse that encourages both believers and skeptics alike. But what does it mean that “the


30 Books Every Christian Should Read Before Turning 30

What are some books every Christian should read before turning 30? I recently turned 30. I’ve entered a new decade for the first time in, well, a decade. I’m brimming with thanksgiving and thinking of all the things that have shaped me into the person