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How Do I Know if I’m Called to Pastoral Ministry?

“When did you receive your call to ministry?” I’ve been asked this a lot lately. When asked this question, I feel a mild sense of pressure to share a hyper-spiritual experience that will captivate my listeners and validate my calling. After asking the question, the


How to Choose the Right Seminary: 6 Factors to Consider 

If you’re thinking about seminary, below you can find six things to consider to help you choose the right one. I have in mind those interested in the Master of Divinity program. In no particular order: 1. The Faculty Factor Many will tell you to


Spiritual Fruit Grows Slowly

I have braces. As a result, I must see an orthodontist every month. My conversation with her goes something like this: She asks me how’s it going. I tell her it’s not going well. She asks me why. I tell her I’m not seeing any


A Personal Update

There’s been a lot going on lately. As much as I dislike writing about my personal life on my public blog, I want to give a quick update to inform readers of this site about some life changes. This personal update mostly consists of two


How to Read and Understand a Difficult Book

I’ve spent the past couple of years reading difficult books. Most of them have been rigorously academic. They can be tough to read, but if you learn how to read them well, there’s gold on the other side. But why read a difficult book? Why