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Sexual Purity: 10 Words of Counsel For Single Christians

John Piper gives ten words of counsel in this fourteen minute video on sexual purity for single Christians. Feel free to watch the video, or you can just read the ten counsels below, to go along with all of the the follow-up points that Piper


What’s John Piper Really Like?

What's John Piper Like?

In God’s providence, I ate dinner with one of John Piper’s Seminary students back in the fall at a Conference. This student knew Piper well. Really well. So when asked to comment on Piper, I’ll never forget what he said. “With Piper, what you see is what you get. He’s


Why No Testimony is Boring

We can have testimonies that are more or less dramatic, but never one that is boring. When God raises someone from the dead, it is always staggering.

A Theological Answer To Your Anxiety

I’m not talking about clinical anxiety in which counsel from a medical professional is needed. Instead, I’m referring to the anxiety of not trusting God. We all have struggled with it. We might know why practically, but do we understand why theologically? There are many


4 Questions to Consider When Choosing A Church

4 Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Church

If you are in the process of choosing a church, or know someone who is, some sort of criteria for the decision-making process can be helpful. But there’s no reason to nit-pick until the cows come home. Every church has its flaws. If you find