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7 Things Christians Should Remember When Saying No

Saying no might be one of the hardest things you ever have to learn. Personally, I used to think I wasn’t a people-pleaser. I would hear my Christian friends talking about their struggles with saying no, and I felt like I couldn’t relate. But things


Jesus as a Leader: 6 Traits From The Greatest Leader Ever

Do you think of Jesus as a leader? In his legendary work Spiritual Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders makes a fascinating point about Jesus as a leader from the Old Testament. Yes, the Old Treatment. In the book of Isaiah, we learn about the attitudes and


3 Reminders for All Dating Christians

Editorial Note: This is a guest post from Eric Skwarczynksi who is a blogger, writer, Videographer and Editor for Pro Church in Fresno, California. I am hardly an “expert” when it comes to dating. Everything in this article is merely personal advice gathered from biblical


Tim Keller on Why Premarital Sex is So Destructive

Let’s talk about sex. Before marriage. Why is it so destructive? In this two-minute video, Tim Keller explains why premarital sex is destructive: “Sex is a way of saying to another person, ‘I belong completely, exclusively, and permanently to you. And that’s something you can


The Top 3 Unforgettable Regrets of The Dying (and how you can avoid them for God’s glory).

Few things haunt me more than the thought of wasting my life. Probably more pressing is the thought of ending life with regrets. I want to live to my full potential. I want to live life to the fullest. I want to live for the