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What is True Greatness?

Imagine you were sitting in a classroom and your teacher asked, “If you desire to be great, please raise your hand.” Would you raise your hand? Probably. But what is true greatness? The world has its own definition of greatness. In the eyes of the


How to Destroy Your Idols

How do you destroy your idols? But how do you replace them? How to Destroy Your Idols We replace them by first putting them to death and then replacing them with the love of God. The opposite of idolatry is worship. We must remove our deathly


3 Ways to Find Your Idols

We have already covered what is an Idol. Now we must learn how can we discern our idols. In other words, what can we look at to find our idols, becomes the question. There are many ways, but I’ll propose three: 1. Imagination: You find


What is an Idol?

What is an idol? “The human heart is an idol factory,” John Calvin once rightly proclaimed. All this talk about idols in our hearts and life. But what is an idol? What is an Idol? An idol, as the Bible describes (Ezekiel 14:3), and as