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Thank you for your interest in writing for Gospel Relevance. You can find information below on guest posting.

Gospel Relevance Submissions

Who can write for Gospel Relevance?

Any Christian who has a passion for God’s glory, the Word, the church, and good writing.

You will have a better chance at publication if:

1. You’ve written a book.
2. You’ve written for other sites (e.g., The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, etc.)
3. You regularly write on your own blog.
4. You have a decent amount of writing experience.

If those things don’t describe you, that’s fine. Just know that it may be harder to get published.

Can you provide article details?

Please submit your article in a word document. There is no word limit. Make it single-spaced, with a single space between paragraphs. Do not indent. Use Times New Roman for the font. You may add a subheading every 3-4 paragraphs.

You don’t need to add a photo in the post; I will supply one. Article submissions with multiple grammatical errors will not be considered for publication.

When you send it over, write these words in the subject line: “Article submission for Gospel Relevance.”

I am looking for original, Christian, non-fiction pieces only. Please do not submit an article you’ve already written elsewhere.

Note: By submitting an article, you agree to grant me permission to make small tweaks to your post, such as a slight change to the article title, the addition of subheadings, etc. I will send you a preview link of the article via email before the post is live to make sure the post looks fine to you.

Should I include an author bio?

Yes. Please include a 3-4 sentence bio. Maximum two links in the author bio.

How will I know if my article will be published?

If I don’t respond to your email within two weeks after sending the article, please just know that, at this time, your article does not align with the editorial calendar in the given season. Do not let that discourage you from sending other article submissions in the future. Please do not email to check on the status of publication.

Can you show me some examples of other good guest posts?

Sure. Here are a few of them:

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How do I submit an article?

Please send it to: