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D. A. Carson on a Profane Activity During Sunday Worship

In his book The Cross and Christian Ministry, D. A. Carson writes about a profane activity that occurs in some churches. His words are eye-opening, to say the least. Indeed, these are some of the most convicting words I have read in a while. You


How to Find the Best Commentaries

The best commentaries might be easier to find than you think. I absolutely love reading biblical commentaries. We should be thankful that some are called to Ph.D. studies and dedicate their lives to serious study to bless the church with such resources. But since there


On Meeting D. A. Carson

I don’t get to meet world-class theologians everyday. But I did meet D. A. Carson a few years ago on my visit to Covenant Seminary. Though I didn’t know this when I scheduled my visit, it just so happened that Dr. Carson would be speaking


What God Really Wants from You

I’ll never forget what D.A. Carson once said during a lecture. I was on campus at Covenant Theological Seminary. I was there for a visit, and part of my visit experience was to attend chapel and a lecture. Covenant usually has a local pastor or