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Your Tears Are Not in Vain

Last week, I wrote about how I became a daddy. I have a son now and I’m in full swing on the dad life. I love it and I love to see him happy. But I hate to see him cry. Call me a newbie,


Spiritual Growth is Costly

I’ve been thinking more about my time in seminary now that I’m nearing the end. I am not the same person today as that guy who started Greek on that anxious Monday morning over two years ago. Indeed, the more I reflect on my time


Self-Control: One of The Biggest Indicators of Christian Character

Few things destroy a person’s life like a lack of self-control. You can be at the top of your profession one year and totally ruin your legacy with one bad decision the next. You can be known as a faithful pastor for years, and then


What I’ve Learned About Leviticus After Studying it for Over a Decade

What happens when you study Leviticus for more than 10 years? I know the types of answers many people would provide: “You get to know your psychotherapist really well.” “People stop inviting you to dinner parties.” Or perhaps the most common: “Is this a serious


Christian Dating Advice for Guys

Looking for Christian dating advice for guys? My marriage day is only a few months away. As Denise and I start pre-marital counseling and begin this new journey together, I’ve been thinking about our time in the awkward middle — you know, when you’re not married