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John Calvin’s Joy in Suffering

“There is nothing in afflictions which ought to disturb our joy,” proclaimed John Calvin. The fact that John Calvin said these words might not surprise you. But what you may not know is that Calvin suffered from chronic asthma, migraine headaches, pleurisy, kidney stones, hemorrhoids,


5 Encouraging John Calvin Quotes for Weary Christians

What are some encouraging John Calvin quotes? In his famous book Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin dedicates two whole chapters on the doctrine of God’s providence. And in this article, I’d like to encourage you with some of those words. Why providence? R.C. Sproul says,


John Calvin on Prayer: 6 Reasons Why You Should Pray

Is it even necessary to pray? This question is sometimes asked today. Apparently, it was also popular over 500 years ago. In his famous book Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Calvin dedicates extensive time on prayer, and gives plenty of reasons why you and I should


Did John Calvin Burn Michael Servetus at The Stake?

Church history question: Did John Calvin murder people? More specifically, did he have Michael Servetus burned at the stake? I’ve had many interactions with Calvin haters over the years, and it’s almost always because of this issue. So … did Calvin have Servetus burned at


John Calvin’s 5 Rules for Right Prayer

Looking to learn from John Calvin on prayer? You came to the right place. Many books, sermons, and conferences are dedicated to prayer every year. The reason is simple: most Christians (including me) need a lot of help in this area. You know some Bible