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Why Some Christian Leaders Don’t Post About Current Events on Social Media

In a word — pressure. That’s how many Christian leaders feel about having to post about current events on social media. But it shouldn’t be this way. As you know, 2020 is shaping to be one of the most infamous years in recent memory. Whether


6 Essential Reminders for Every Christian Leader

One of the most disheartening trends in Christian leadership today is leadership dysfunction. The number of people who are burning out, selling out and tapping out should cause any would be leader to take a long hard look at the trajectory of his own life.


Jesus as a Leader: 6 Traits From The Greatest Leader Ever

Do you think of Jesus as a leader? In his legendary work Spiritual Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders makes a fascinating point about Jesus as a leader from the Old Testament. Yes, the Old Treatment. In the book of Isaiah, we learn about the attitudes and