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Jesus is King: Thoughts on Kanye’s Conversion to Christ

I’ve followed Kanye’s music for years. I’ve also been following Jesus for some years, too. As a lifelong hip-hop fan and follower of Jesus, the news that Kanye West has come to saving faith in Jesus Christ brought me much joy. As I listened to


Tenielle Neda: A Christian Musician You Should Know

Tenielle Neda is a Reformed Christian song-writer from western Australia. With over 25,000+ monthly Spotify listeners, she’s mustered up a bit of a following, all without having released an official album. After listening to her songs you can see the draw. In a day where


Mercy, Music, and Ministry: An Interview With Jordan Dillon

You’ve heard of Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin, I am sure, but for every one prominent Christian musician, there are hundreds of other talented ones on the rise. Such is the case with Jordan Dillon — a Christian, husband, father, Worship Director, and, of course,