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The Ten Commandments: What They Forbid and Promote

You might be able to list the ten commandments in order, but do you know what they forbid and promote? I used to think I knew the ten commandments pretty well. “Thou shall not steal.” Got it. Won’t steal anyone’s stuff. As long as I


What We Learn About God from An Old Testament Prayer

Do you treasure books of the Bible like 1 Chronicles? If you follow a Bible reading plan you’ll read through the Old Testament. But there’s a difference between having to read something and feeling like you get to read something. And for many, certain Old


How to Learn Biblical Hebrew Without a Seminary Degree

I may be biased, but the best way to learn the biblical languages is through formal theological education. There’s nothing that can quite compare to dedicating a couple of years of your life to study, interact with biblical Hebrew professors, and learn in community. Seminary


What I’ve Learned About Leviticus After Studying it for Over a Decade

What happens when you study Leviticus for more than 10 years? I know the types of answers many people would provide: “You get to know your psychotherapist really well.” “People stop inviting you to dinner parties.” Or perhaps the most common: “Is this a serious


The Bible is About Jesus

An important aspect of understanding the Bible is understanding it as a story. One crucial aspect of understanding this story is how the story’s hero — Jesus Christ — relates to certain figures, events, and institutions in the Old Testament. Without understanding how these figures