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Jonah and the Whale: Was Jonah Swallowed by a Whale?

The story about Jonah and the whale is popular. But are we telling it correctly? I had a professor in college who made fun of Christians for believing that Jonah was in the belly of a whale for three days and nights. He once said


Is The Old Testament Still Relevant Today?

Is the Old Testament relevant today? Why should I read the Old Testament if I’m in New Covenant? Do all of those rules even matter to me? These are questions that Christians sometimes ask of the Old Testament. You might read the Old Testament and


Joseph and Forgiveness: 5 Reflections on Forgiveness from Joseph

Do you struggle to forgive? The life of Joseph as told in the book of Genesis is one of my favorite parts of Scripture. God used Joseph mightily, but as often is the case, that comes with great suffering. Joseph was mistreated, slandered, and betrayed


Jesus in The Old Testament

Note: The content of this post was adapted by Tim Keller. You can watch Keller further elaborate on this point here. The key to reading the Bible is to see Jesus in every verse, chapter, and book. The events and characters in the Old Testament are