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How Not to Read A Book

Is there a wrong way to read a book? It always discourages me when I meet people who seem uninterested in reading books. I want to encourage them to do so. I don’t want to make reading sound more difficult than what it is, but


35 Book Reading Tips for Readers

Want some book reading tips? I didn’t read my first book until after I graduated high school. As a child, I never read. I hated it. I thought that if you read books you were weird. I grew up in a rough area in St.


The Christian Reader’s Resource Guide: 49 Links To Help You Find The Best Books

Ever been there before? You get about halfway through a book and realize it’s not worth your time. But not only time, you also spent money and energy that you’ll never get back. “What was I thinking?” you lament. You wonder why you even bought


8 Quick Tips to Help You Read More Books

John Piper has a famous quote: “Reading is more important than eating.” I love bacon and donuts and burritos, so I’m not quite sure I agree. But I get the gist: reading is very important. The Bible affirms this repeatedly: Jesus says eternal life is