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How to Learn Biblical Greek Without a Seminary Degree

I may be biased, but the best way to learn the biblical languages is through formal theological education. There’s nothing that can compare to dedicating a couple of years of your life to study, interacting with professors, and learning in community. Seminary is the best


10 Pieces of Advice for Seminary Students

Before starting biblical Hebrew this past summer, I asked a friend how his break between classes was going. “It’s going well,” he said. “I feel like I can finally read my Bible again and not be anxious about it,” he added. We both enjoyed a


Will You Prayerfully Consider Supporting Me During My First Year of Seminary?

I hardly ever post personal information on my blog. But today, I am. That’s because I’d like to invite you into what God is doing in my life and also give you an opportunity to join in. (Skip the rest and watch the video now) Here’s the