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13 Books Every Christian Teenager Should Read

“What youth sows, old age must reap,” said J.C. Ryle. The teen years are arguably the most important years of a person’s life. Why? Because they’re the training ground for the rest of our lives. This is when we’re forming the habits that will follow


Books, Resources, and Bible Reading Plans for Teens

This was originally supposed to be an article filled with specific Bible reading plans for teens. After searching around, however, I realized that, well, there aren’t many. Nevertheless, I was able to muster up a few, along with other books and resources that may be


12 Things Every Christian Teenager Should Know

I haven’t been a teenager for several years, but I still remember those days like it was yesterday. I reflect back on junior high and high school with mixed emotions. Part of me feels joy for all the things the Lord allowed me to experience.