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8 Pieces of Advice for Single Christians from Tim Keller

I was surprised yet delighted to see an entire chapter dedicated to Christian singleness in Tim and Kathy Keller’s excellent book on marriage. In a section entitled “Some Practical Counsel for Marriage Seekers,” Keller provides lots of helpful tidbits for singles. I’ve listed the counsel below


The Bible is About Jesus

An important aspect of understanding the Bible is understanding it as a story. One crucial aspect of understanding this story is how the story’s hero — Jesus Christ — relates to certain figures, events, and institutions in the Old Testament. Without understanding how these figures


5 Books That Influenced Tim Keller During College

A few months ago, Tim Keller posted on his Facebook page a few books that influenced him during college. I quickly made note of the books (along with Keller’s comments) in hopes of being able to view the list at a later time. After reading


Should Pastors Host A Q&A After The Worship Service? Tim Keller Responds to Mark Jones

Tim Keller wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition in which he outlines 5 reasons why churches should consider hosting a Q&A right after the worship service. Mark Jones said that the article left him “disappointed,” and he responded with an article of his own.


5 Pieces of Writing Advice from Some of The Most Influential Christian Writers Alive

Want some writing advice? Of course, you don’t have to write books and blog posts. But it’s amazing how much time you and I spend writing. Whether it’s tweeting or texting or typing, you and I write, and we write a lot. In order to