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Tim Keller on Why Premarital Sex is So Destructive

Let’s talk about sex. Before marriage. Why is it so destructive? In this two-minute video, Tim Keller explains why premarital sex is destructive: “Sex is a way of saying to another person, ‘I belong completely, exclusively, and permanently to you. And that’s something you can


Tim Keller on The 3 Biggest Idols In Western Churches Today

What idols are plaguing the western church today? Tim Keller sat down with Jefferson Bethke way back when to discuss the idols that are most prominent in western churches. You can view the video at the end of this post, or you can just read


Tim Keller’s 5 Steps For Effective Prayer

Looking for 5 steps of prayer or some sort of method to pray better? Sometimes there’s no steps. We’re too desperate. We’re hurting, anxious, and worried. Fearful, even. So we don’t think of steps. We just run to God as our Abba Father and cry,


Tim Keller on How To Glorify God at Work

I used to think that the only way to glorify God at work was by evangelizing my co-workers. If my co-workers weren’t converted, God wasn’t glorified. Then I read Tim Keller’s outstanding book Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work, and my views shifted.


Tim Keller on Discerning Your Calling

We can discern God’s calling when three factors come together for us: Affinity (What human needs do I ‘vibrate’ to? What interests me? What are my passions?); Ability (What am I good at? What do people say I am effective in?); and Opportunity (What doors