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On the Induction of New Church Members

So far we’ve looked at various aspects of church membership, like What to Discuss in a Church Membership Class and 5 Responsibilities of Every Church Member. Today’s post is geared toward pastors. If you’re a pastor and it’s the Sunday that you’re scheduled to induct


It’s Just Not the Same

Our church is back to having Sunday worship services in person. We still have Facebook Live going for those who don’t feel comfortable joining quite yet, but for those who do, they (and anyone else) is welcome to our physical gathering. One by one as


What to Discuss in a Church Membership Class

You might call it a class or a course or a track. But what should you discuss with a prospective church member? This is something I’ve been thinking about more since taking over part of the church membership process at my church. Below you’ll find


5 Responsibilities of Every Church Member

Church membership is not optional. It is a must for every Christian to find, join, and submit oneself to a local church. But once you do join a church, what are your responsibilities? In his book Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (I have the


Church Names: 10 Tips for Church Planters and Rebranding Churches

A church planter friend of mine bounced some potential church names off me for his forthcoming church plant. After speaking with him, I began to think more about some practical thoughts on how to name a church. I don’t have 1,000 church names for you,